99% Invisible - Show about design hidden in plain sight and it's affect on the world.
Reveal - Investigative journalism, in-depth reporting
Life of the Law - "project that explores the relationship of the law to the experience and meaning of American society and culture"
More perfect - 
Criminal - About crime, "stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caugth in the middle"

*This American Life - Weekly podcast with different themes, usually very good radio stories, comedy, plays, short stories, journalism, etc. Always good production, many collaborators.

Serial - New podcast spin-off from This American Life. Explores/reports one story in detail across several episodes.


*Love+Radio - 'Alternative' radio stories, usually quirky, unusual, often taboo subjects pursued. []

Unfictional - "short documentaries and compelling stories" []

Strangers - Podcast by Lea Thau (awesome lady) her "storytelling baby... empathy shot in the arm"[]

*Fugitive Waves - Podcast by the Kitchen Sisters (awesome ladies), mines their archive of "stories, lost recordings and shards of sound, along with new tales from remarkable people around the workds. Stories from the flip side of history." []

Everything is Stories - "explores unconventional narratives of the past and present to preserve the eccentric, the authentic, and the personal" []

Radio Diaries - Joe Richman "First-person diaries, sound portriatsm and hidden chapters of history" []

How Sound - “The backstory to great radio storytelling” []

Third Coast International Audio Festival - “Most compelling and creative audio documentaries and features produced worldwide” []

Short Cuts - "Short documentaries" Good, British lady. []

Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything (old episodes are great, old name: Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker) - explores the line between reality and fiction in storytelling and paranoia.

The Truth - Short radio plays.


Lore - 

The Memory palace - 

Sam Harris - 

2 Dope Queens - 

Revisionist History - 

Limetown - 

The Heart - 

Tara Brach - 

# "Live" and more strictly storytelling/reading:

*The Moth - Personal story telling, airs great stories that were told on stage and recorded. []

*Selected Shorts - Short stories read aloud on stage by professional actors and recorded. [] []

NPR: Snap Judgement - Live and pre-recorded stories from multiple producers, also based on a weekly theme. []

Risk! - So, so. The host is the most annoying person I've ever heard, skipping past him, the stories are sometimes worth it. [] []

New Yorker: Fiction - Authors choose other authors, read and talk about them. []

# More strictly social and cultural/History/Food:

PRI: To the best of our knowledge - interviews with experts, each episode has a theme. Very radio newsy.

The Broad Experience - Exploring "issues facing women in the workplace" Sometimes it makes me angry.

*Tiny Spark - investigation into the "Business of Doing Good"

BackStory - weekly topic from American history

Monocle 24: The Menu - Covers happenings in the food world pretty well

Hidden Kitchens -"unexpected below the radar cooking, legendary meals and eating traditions" 

*Spilled Milk - Short humor podcast about cooking and food. Molly and Matthew taste and talk food, some episodes better/funnier than others. 

Techy/Sciency/about new ideas
The New Disruptors
Tim Harford: Pop-up Ideas
StartUp Podcast
Tim Ferriss Show

Hardcore History